Why Are Millennials Still in the Basement?

While I’m quite sure you should no longer be segmenting your customer group strictly by age, it’s still true that somewhere between a lot to many or even most of them are coming from the so called millennial generation.  So what think and how they’re doing matters to us.

For many of them, the Great Recession was a whack on the side of their heads during their formative years. In many ways, they are still dealing with it. My opinion is that are going to have to continue to deal with it for years. They’ve got a hole to climb out of and I don’t see the overall economy improving very much for some years.

Rather than my speaking in generalities, I want to introduce you to Mike (known as Mish for reasons I am not familiar with) Shedlock. Mike is refreshingly straight forward and publishes a blog I subscribe to.

In this post, he gives some very specific information about the circumstances the millennials are dealing with. It’s worth reading and maybe sharing.