Why Do Companies Retain Jeff as a Consultant?

  • They don’t have the time or money to educate a consultant about the industry.
  • They need somebody with a rigorous industry knowledge who’s not so deep in the day to day details that they lack objectivity.
  • They are aware that over 20 plus years, Jeff has identified emerging industry trends and effective strategies to respond to them.
  • As regular readers of the Market Watch column, they know Jeff is prepared to identify and deal with tough issues with the goal of making their business run better.

What has Jeff Done For Client Companies?

  • Help them manage growth and make the inevitable but difficult transition from entrepreneur to manager.
  • Deal with issues of cash flow and capital adequacy either to provide working capital for growth or in a turnaround environment.
  • Act as an advisor to senior management on issues of strategy and brand positioning.
  • Motivate them to change their business model to respond to new market conditions.
  • Identify and focus on the handful of key issues that are typically critical to improved profitability.
  • Assist in the development of business plans for internal and external use.