What Great Brands Do by Denise Lee Yohn

What Great Brands Do by Denise Lee Yohn was published in 2014.  I met Denise when I was in the San Diego area to make a speech and talk to a company about some consulting.  Honestly, I don’t read business books as often as I used to (which explains why this page isn’t updated more often) but Denise sent me a copy so I read it.  I’m glad I did.

I’ve discussed from time to time the importance of having a clarifying set of goals and objectives so that people know WHAT TO DO and WHERE TO FOCUS.  My point, made in a general strategic sense, is that this makes the organization  not just more competitive, but more efficient.  I believe that efficiency saves money, or at least helps assure you spend it in the right place.

Denise wouldn’t disagree with anything I’m written (I hope), but she is way more specific in applying these concepts to branding.  The examples she uses and the process she outlines is rigorous, but very doable.  Now, there are lots of books on branding out there, but her book catches the things of importance that have changed in branding recently that we are all generally aware of, but often unsure how to manage.

You certainly know that advertising and marketing are no longer an adequate description of the tools you  need to use in brand building.  Denise tells you what the new tools are and how to utilize them.  If you don’t understand the concept of “brand as business,” you will after you read this book.