Speaking of Technology……

We all give lip service to the speed of technological change. I imagine most of you have heard that the first driverless 18 wheel trucks are on the highways in Nevada. For the time being, they’ve got a driver accompanying them, but I don’t expect that to last. Here’s a link to the story in case you haven’t seen it.

“Wow, isn’t that interesting!” we say and go right back to what we were doing. But sometimes this change gets a little closer to home.

Exhibit A is the Lily Camera. The camera is built into a drone that follows a signal from a small device you wear on your wrist. You can apparently give it positioning instructions. I’m not quite clear on how it avoids obstructions as it follows you. The flight time is limited to 20 minutes right now. Battery technology seems to be holding lots of innovations back.

Here’s a link to the camera in action. It is very cool. I trust that GoPro is not only aware of this, but is all over the technology. It won’t ship until next February with a price of $499.00. I imagine that price will drop over time. The web site is www.lily.camera but there’s not much to see there yet.

I don’t see the evolution of this technology ending well for the people who film our athletes in action any more than it will end well for long haul truck drivers.