Skullcandy Licensing Agreement with Sonomax

Don’t know how many of you saw this (I missed it for a while), but back in June, Skullcandy signed a licensing agreement with Sonomax to use its technology in Skullcandy’s headphones. Here’s the press release on the agreement and some information on Sonomax. The direct to consumer web site for Sonomax product is here. As far as I can tell, Skullcandy didn’t announce the deal. As they weren’t public yet, they didn’t have to.

Basically, Sonomax head phones allow you to go through a four minute process that sculpts your ear buds to your ear, giving you a custom fit. It works with a “…disposable fitting system that delivers a customized earpiece.”

I gather they aren’t cheap, but as somebody who’s had his share of trouble getting and keeping comfortable ear buds, I’m interested.
“Sonomax intends to modify its current earphone product line to incorporate Skullcandy’s industrial design and branding. The companies will work towards creating a line of Skullcandy products featuring SonoFit,” the press release says.
It’s a non-exclusive deal, but I’m glad to see Skullcandy bringing some more technology to its product, even though others will eventually have it too. At least Skullcandy is first. It’s not clear how long it will be until the product is actually available for purchase.
Sonomax is a small, almost development stage, company. Its calendar 2010 revenues were $643,000 Canadian and it lost $4.15 million. Its balance sheet is none too wonderful and I’d say it’s going to need to raise some more cash expeditiously if it hasn’t already since the end of 2010.
Skullcandy releases its first quarterly earnings tomorrow. I’ll take you through them once I have the 10Q.