Billabong’s Annual General Meeting

On October 26th, Billabong Chairman Ted Kunkel and CEO Derek O’Neill made speeches at the company’s annual meeting.  Together they only run to to seven pages of big, easy to read, type.  You should read them, and you can read them here.  There’s a lot of good, succinct information on why fiscal 2011 is a transition year, the performance of their acquisitions, the evolution of their retail business (now almost 40% of their revenue), the impact of currency fluctuations, market conditions, and their continued focus on operating efficiency.

In a lot of ways, it’s a convenient, easy to ready, summary of the annual report that came out a couple of months ago.  It lays out their results, strategies, and issues without being too detailed and dense.

I did a detailed analysis of their annual report when it first came out and if you’re curious, and haven’t seen it before, it’s here.