Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!

In some recent speeches and articles, I’ve been highlighting the growing importance of mobile to brands and retailers. I thought I’d been pretty aggressive in suggesting how important it has become (and is increasingly becoming), but I think I’ve probably been understating the case.

Now, I’ve stumbled (thank you fabled research department) on an article/presentation from Internet Retailer that not only highlights just how important mobile has become, but that asks some questions around what to do about it I probably would never have thought of. Actually, I know I would never have thought of them.

Here’s the link to the information. Recommend you expand it to full screen and then read it. Yeah, I know, it would be easier if I didn’t make you come to my web site first, but somebody told me in web site management school that I’m supposed to drive traffic to my site, so I am trying to do that. I should probably also make the article open in a new page on my site, but I don’t know how to, so you’re safe from that annoyance until somebody holds my hand.