What’s Up with Quiksilver? The Stock Was up Huge Today

Quiksilver’s stock jumped 22.7% today (December 9th) from 4.75 to 5.68 on the biggest volume since last March. These kinds of moves don’t happen in a vacuum, so I thought I’d check around a bit. An investment banker I know was kind enough to alert me, and I found the following reported on Bloomberg:

“PPR SA has agreed the sale of its Conforama chain to Steinhoff International Holdings Ltd. for 1.625 billion euros, La Tribune reported, without saying where it got the information.”
“PPR Chief Executive Officer Francois-Henri Pinault is interested in buying Quiksilver Inc., La Tribune said. He has reestablished contact with the company, as well as with Rhone Capital, which holds a 19 percent stake in the California-based maker of clothing for skateboarders and surfers, according to the newspaper.”
The link is here, though I’m quoting the whole thing.
Who’s PPR SA? I didn’t know either, but here’s a blurb on them from Yahoo Finance.
PPR SA Company Profile
PPR has transformed itself from a conglomerate to the world’s third-largest luxury group (behind LVMH and Richemont). PPR’s stable of global luxury brands includes a 99% stake in Italian luxury goods company Gucci Group, and luxury brands Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Boucheron, Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, and Yves Saint Laurent, among others. The group’s other activities include the multichannel merchant Redcats, Fnac music and book stores, the Conforama chain of household furniture and appliance stores, and the German athletic shoemaker PUMA. More than half of PPR’s sales are generated outside of its home country. PPR is run by Fran�ois-Henri Pinault, the son of its founder Fran�ois Pinault.
Is this actually going to happen? Somebody thinks something is going to happen given the way the stock jumped.   I don’t know what the price might actually turn out to be, but Rhone Capital would sure make a nice return quickly.
Love to do more analysis of this, but the unfortunate fact is I don’t have any information.  Maybe soon!  Or maybe not.