Retail Futures: Robo Shops?

So, I don’t know what’s going to happen this afternoon, much less five years from now.  Without comment, I just want to direct your attention to this article/presentation by the BBC.  Just go to this link, hit “TAP HERE” and start reading, scrolling and watching.  I’m sure some of this is going to happen.  I’m sure some of it isn’t.  I’m sure some stuff we haven’t even begun to imagine is going to happen.

Not predicting the future here.  Just want you to consider the possibilities and consider how it might be used to help your business.

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  1. Mikke Pierson
    Mikke Pierson says:

    Unless I’m missing something, everyone of the scenarios shown are actually already happening as they were showing them. No surprise to me! The old ways are doing brick & mortar are ending. Innovate, evolve or fade away.

    • jeff
      jeff says:

      Hi Mikke,
      In some form, still evolving, you’re right. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have those pictures. My question is, how do you look at what’s happening and ask the question, “Since this is happening, how do I make it work for me?”

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