GoPro Goes- Public, That Is. A Look at the Final Prospectus

As pretty much everybody knows, GoPro went public last Wednesday. How refreshing to see a company go public that’s actually making a product and money. GoPro sold 8.9 million shares of its class A common stock at $24 a share and raised a bit less than $200 million. $110 million will go right out the door to repay a line of credit they took out so they could pay a dividend to shareholders back in December of 2012.   Hmmm. Wasn’t January 1, 2013 when taxes on dividends went up?

Existing shareholders sold an additional 8.9 million shares, but the company won’t see the proceeds from that. I should also note that the class A shares will have just one vote per share. Well, that’s not so weird, but what should be noted is that the class B shares will have ten votes per share. What’s the result?

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