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There’s Never Just One Cockroach:  The United Kingdom’s Pension Funds, FTX, and Japanese Central Bank Sleight of Hand

In August of 2007, then Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress that the subprime crisis would be contained.  We went on to have the Great Financial Crisis GFC), of which the subprime crisis was just one cockroach. Now we’re facing another financial crisis- potentially worse than the GFC- caused by another 15 years or […]

Airports and Mountain Resorts

Seattle’s main airport is surrounded by communities and has grown like a weed right along with the Seattle metropolitan area.  It has no practical way to expand.  Through recent technology and some clever evolution of facilities the airport authority is doing everything it can to shoehorn more passengers and flights into the same space.  But […]

And Now for Something Completely Different

You haven’t heard from me much.  Spent the last few months trying to figure out just how I could be useful to the industry.  I decided it wasn’t by analyzing publicly traded company filings.  Truth be told, that wasn’t fun for me anymore.  I also think covid/masks/lockdowns/caution changed my behavior.  Permanently?  Don’t know.  How about […]

What’s Jeff Reading: Vending Machines, Off Price Retail, Ghost Franchises

It wasn’t that long ago (actually it was, I’m afraid) when I reported, in a somewhat sarcastic tone, about Quiksilver trying to sell surf trunks in vending machines at resorts.  This was before their bankruptcy filing.  I thought that if they were highlighting this effort in a conference call, they were really struggling to find […]

Kathmandu Six Months Results: Hard to Evaluate the Quality

The first thing to remember as we review Kathmandu’s half year results is the timing of the Rip Curl acquisition.  The acquisition was completed 31 October 2019.  It’s included in Kathmandu’s numbers for the full six months of the period ended 31 January 2021 but for only three months during the prior period’s six months.  […]

What Do You Do for An Encore? Globe’s Six Month Results

When revenues rise 60.3% (from $77.8 to $124.8 million- Australian dollars of course) and net profit is up 292.9% from $3.9 to $15.3 million for the six months ended December 2020 compared to the same period in the prior year, I’m not left with much to analyze. That’s especially true with Globe.  As a public […]