More on Winter Resorts Targeting Baby Boomers: I’m Not the Only One Who’s Worried

You may recall (or not) that about a month ago I wrote an article expressing some concern that winter resorts were targeting baby boomers. My point was that dependence on high income baby boomers couldn’t be an exclusive, long term strategy because, inconveniently, those people are going to get older sooner and stop snow sliding. When that happens, it would be nice if we had some other customers. 

Now, a gentlemen I’ve never met named Roger Marolt, a columnist at the Snowmass Sun in, unsurprisingly, Snowmass, Colorado has written a really good rant (I mean that in very positive way) on the same subject. He makes some points I didn’t make and it’s a pretty fun read.
So here it is. Go and read it.