GoPro goes public.  They’re building a moat.  Virtuous Cycle is what they call it.  Here’s why it’s a very good thing.

You can do lots of things right and still not be sure it’s enough.  Quiksilver’s April 30 Quarter.

PacSun’s quarter.  Like I said last time, there’s improvement, but it needs to happen faster.  The balance sheet is even weaker.  Read it here

Zumiez Quarterly Results.  They’ll go anywhere their customers let them.  What’s that mean exactly?

Skullcandy’s quarterly results seems to show that the turnaround strategy is taking hold.

SPY’s operating income grew, but it’s hit hard by interest expense.  I also have some questions about future sales growth.

The Buckle’s annual report suggests we have a retailer that may not be completely focused on the omnichannel.  That’s kind of interesting.



The Sport Chalet 10K and Acquisition; Some Perspective

Comments on the Agenda Show.  We need more sunglass brands.  Just kidding. 

Here’s some data on our target marketDoes it say anything about your business strategy?

A few ideas from my presentation at the Snowboard Industry ConferenceSee them here.

Sport Chalet and some ideas about integrating online with brick and mortar.

Billabong and Quiksilver have a lot in common.  They need to focus on the same thing, and I suspect they are.

The SIA show in Denver.  Fun and well done as always.  What did I notice?

Intrawest is public.  Oh good, another company to write about.  What did they gain?


Why Do Companies Retain Jeff as a Consultant?

  • They don’t have the time or money to educate the consultant they hire about the industry.
  • They need somebody with a rigorous understanding of the industry who’s not so deep in it that they lack objectivity.
  • They are aware that over 15 plus years, Jeff has correctly spotted many of the emerging trends and has identified effective strategies to respond to them.
  • To help them manage growth and make the inevitable but difficult transition from entrepreneur to manager.
  • To deal with issues of cash flow and capital adequacy either to provide working capital for growth or in a turnaround environment.
  • To develop strategies to respond to inevitably changing market conditions.
  • So they are certain that the questions they are asking are the right ones.

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